Wishbone Gold and Diamond Necklace
Wishbone Sterling Silver and Diamond Necklace
Wearing Wishbone Gold and Diamond Necklace

Wishbone Necklace

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Are you feeling lucky today? Encircle yourself with the promise of good luck with the Wishbone Necklace. Just don't hook your pinkies around this beauty and pull. 

Length: 16 - 20 inches

          • Handcrafted at the time of order by artisan women in India.
          • Hand-wrapped in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging (includes a reusable tin Ella Stein container, muslin cloth pouch, and polishing cloth. Also includes 'Our Story' and a signed note from the woman who hand-packaged your jewelry on recycled paper.)
          • Conscious manufacturing practices. 
          • 100% nickel free.
          • Available in 14k gold plated sterling silver or in sterling silver.
          • Cut: Single cut, 26 facets.
          • Color: H.
          • Clarity: VS.
          • Conflict-free and ethically-sourced.
          • Zero-waste diamonds (we use almost 100% of each diamond versus the industry average of 60%.)
          • Kimberley Process (KP) compliant.
          • Responsible Jewelry Council Certified (RJCC), an international merit that upholds human, environmental, and product standards.
          • Women's Jewelry Association member (WJA).
          Recommended Care:
          • Remove before shower, swimming, exercising.
          • Avoid perfumes, creams, bleach/cleaning supplies.
          • Store jewelry away from extreme temperatures and humidity. (Use the Ella Stein pouch and tin provided!)

          Cleaning Instructions:
          Using the polishing cloth provided with your purchase, rub in one direction very softly. Never use tissue or paper towels to clean the metal as they can cause scratches.