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Our Mission

To pay homage to and empower the women of today and tomorrow, as they pave their way towards uncharted growth. To be at the forefront of making ethically handcrafted demi-fine jewelry accessible to the feminine powerhouses who make Ella Stein a reality every day.


To pay ode to the women who wear and make our jewelry.
real. raw. radiant

Meet the Artisans

As a brand and as an ally, we want to empower and pay homage to this community of rock-solid women who make Ella Stein a reality every day.

For that extra sparkle, we’re doing diamonds with…

Mindful mining

We use ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds, mined in strict accordance with environmental laws

Kindest cuts

When an engagement ring is cut, up to 60% of the rough diamond is often thrown away. We sort and use these tiny symbols of love in our jewelry, reducing environmental waste and making our jewelry completely sustainable.

Certified Honesty

Transparency and honesty matter to us. All of our diamonds are Kimberley Process compliant and Responsible Jewelry Council Certified.

Eco-friendly everything

Our jewelry is crafted with certified recycled sterling silver and sustainable diamonds. Each piece comes wrapped in reusable packaging made from recycled materials.


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