The bond between parent and child is as unbreakable as the millions of carbon atoms that bond to form a diamond. Our company was inspired by a special little girl named Ella and her father's desire to create a brand as brilliant, and strong, as she is. Each piece we create sparkles with diamonds to encourage you to shine your light into the world and is honestly priced so you can wear more of what you love.

On a Mission to do Good

Uplifting Women

Our jewelry is conceived of, and marketed, in the U.S. by our dynamic team of women. The diamonds we use in our jewelry are polished by female artisans in India who are working to raise their families in a rural area where jobs for women are limited. Each piece of jewelry we create is handcrafted at the time of order by another set of female artisans in our state-of-the-art facility in Mumbai, India. Partnering together, we produce and bring to market dainty, modern pieces suitable for every day, and every occasion.

Zero Conflict

Across two continents, the women of Ella Stein are rising together to build a global brand cultivating respect, community, and conscious living. Our goal is to leave a positive impact on this planet by only using ethically-sourced, conflict-free diamonds, metals, and recyclable packaging. We strive to reduce waste by consciously crafting almost 100% of a diamond (roughly 60% higher than the industry average). 

Honest Pricing

Our intentional decision to keep our prices honest means more women can rock our jewelry every day. If this helps even one girl, or one woman, feel a little more confident in herself, then we've succeeded. Each piece of jewelry that we craft helps to elevate a community of women across the world, reminding us all how connected, and powerful, we truly are.

How Is Your Jewelry Made?

We Are Doing Diamonds Differently.

Millions of carbon atoms bond to form a diamond—these bonds create one of the Earth's toughest natural resources. Like a diamond, when women unite we are unbreakable. From our workforce, to our finished products, each piece of jewelry we create links women across the world to each other and reminds us all how connected we truly are.