Our Story

Diamonds used to be a luxury that few women could afford. So that got us thinking, why not make them accessible to every woman? And while we're at it, why not create a company that's all about doing the right things for our planet and the people who live on it? So, we did. 

Adi Choksi


Adi grew up in the diamond industry. When it became time for him to start manufacturing jewelry, the high markup by retailers really bothered him and he vowed to do things differently.

Adi was raised in a part of India where business is traditionally handed down to male members of the family. When he had his daughter, Ella, he decided to challenge the patriarchy and make change. He opened a state-of-the-art facility where he hired women to handcraft each piece of diamond jewelry offering them a career, income, and independence. 

Nicki Maher


After a decade at the helm of one of the fastest-growing and most popular jewelry brand startups - and finally becoming a mom - Nicki knew it was time for something else. When Adi reached out to Nicki over social media, she knew her womanpreneur mentality could bring Adi's vision to life. When she met Adi in person, the lightbulbs went off and Ella Stein was born. 

Nicki used her extensive marketing and brand saavy to assemble a top-notch team of industry gurus to connect Ella Stein from India to the States, creating a global company. 

On a Mission to do Good

With Adi and Nicki's desire to empower their daughters and uplift women around the globe,
the Ella Stein co-founders insist on three things:

Uplifting Women

As female artisans in India handcraft each diamond and the Rhode Island based operations team brings you beautiful creations, they're all forging their futures.  A culture of respect, community, and conscious living is cultivated where everyone has a voice at the table. 

Zero Conflict

Ethically-sourced diamonds, metals, and even packaging are utilized to make sure this company respects both the people who produce the jewelry and the environment. We craft 90% of the diamond, where other companies throw away up to 60% of it! To top it all off, our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.

Honest Pricing

Making an intentional decision not to mark up our diamonds as the majority of other brands do, Ella Stein gives more women access to diamond jewelry. Fair pricing means more women can enjoy diamonds every day. And if that helps even one woman feel a little more beautiful, we've succeeded.

How Is Your Jewelry Made?

Each piece of Ella Stein jewelry is handcrafted at the time you order it by women artisans in India. Our dedicated team is composed of talented women working to uplift themselves and provide for their families in a rural area where this otherwise wouldn't be possible.

We are Ella Stein Fine Jewelry

Millions of carbon atoms bond to form a diamond—these bonds create one of the Earth's toughest natural resources. Like a diamond, when women unite we are unbreakable. From our workforce, to our finished products, each piece of jewelry we create links women across the world to each other and reminds us all how connected we truly are.