We're Doing Diamonds Differently

By creating diamond jewelry as affordable as it is sustainable, we are creating a new market for women in the jewelry world; one where they don't have to sacrifice quality for cost and can feel good about their entire purchase.

Mindful Mining

We use real, ethically-sourced, conflict-free diamonds mined in strict accordance with environmental laws. All of our diamonds are Kimberley Process compliant and Responsible Jewelry Council Certified.

The Kindest Cut

When an engagement ring is cut, an average of 60% of the stone is thrown away. We sort and use these tiny symbols of love in our jewelry, reducing environmental waste and making our jewelry completely sustainable. 

Sustainable Integration

Start to finish, we are the supply chain. From designing the jewelry and sourcing the raw materials, to manufacturing the metals and handcrafting each piece, we never outsource any piece of the process.

Because we care

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