Our Team

The women of Ella Stein are as real as the diamonds they sell. Get to know our team members below!

Kara Badgley


Decked in Patriot's garb, with a steaming cup of coffee in hand, Kara will talk you under the table to stand up for what she believes in. All heart with a dose of steel and grit, this Virgo loves being a mama to her three girls more than she loves a warm peanut butter chocolate chip cookie - which is a LOT. 

Focusing on people is where Kara thrives. Her career path has taken her from styling, to owning a boutique, to sales team development for one of the fastest growing jewelry companies in the world where she learned the wholesale business from top to bottom. She stepped into her role at Ella Stein because she saw a true desire to disrupt the norm in the jewelry industry by doing everything with more transparency, honesty, and partnership.

Personal Motto: "Be brave, be kind, have fun, and don't be fresh." <- something she repeats with her daughter every day before school drop off. 

Fav ES Pieces? Kara is a fan of layering studs and hoops, cuffs and bolos, and is always ready to rock a chain link. 

Amanda Worrall


A ninja at throwing darts, and most often found in an exercise class, Amanda never says no to relaxing with a warm cup of coffee in the sunshine. One day? She'll wave to you out the window of her RV as she jaunts off across the country to see the rest of the National Parks. 

Based in the jewelry wholesale market for the last 7 years, Amanda has experience in both a retail sales environment and in corporate as an Account Manager. She joined the Ella Stein team because she aligns with the brand values and saw the potential in the market for beautifully designed, handcrafted high-quality jewelry.

Personal Motto: "Everything happens for a reason."

Fav ES Pieces? Amanda is always decked out in one of the evil eye pieces. She adores the Branch Out Earrings, the Set The Bar Necklace, and the You Are My Everything Necklace layered with the Dot-To-Do Necklace. The Make Wave Ring is on her finger every day!

Casey Ley


Walking with her chihuahua Jack, enjoying a latte and bagel on a Sunday morning, and hanging with her closest friends & family keeps Casey grounded and smiling. While eating and drinking her way through Italy is on her bucket list, most nights you'll find her absorbed in an episode of 'Friends'.

Hailing from a boutique background where she learned all aspects of business management, to exponentially expanding a popular jewelry brand across two states as an Account Executive, Casey is now part of the Ella Stein team because of everything the company stands for and because of what the gorgeous handcrafted jewelry represents. 

Personal Motto: "Live and let live."

Fav ES Pieces? Casey loves to layer all of the Ella Stein cuffs on her left arm with the Disc Diva Bracelet on her right arm. Other must have's include the Crescent Moon Necklace, Rumba With Me Ring, and Eye On The Prize Necklace.

Jessica Wolf


Always scouting out a sweet deal at the flea market for her puppy Castiel (who thinks he's human) or for her ferret Johnny (who thinks he's a dog), Jess is certain she'll be a contestant on the Price Is Right someday. If not, you'll find her at a concert with her husband, gabbing with her sisters on the phone, or finally learning how to ride a bicycle.

Jess started her career path as a teacher before moving into the retail environment. For over a decade, she embraced all aspects of running a jewelry store, including managing her own for more than 5 years. She entered the wholesale market with Ella Stein because she was drawn to something she felt she could fully support - making women feel beautiful on the inside and out. 

Personal Motto: "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who don't mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

Fave ES Pieces? Jess rarely leaves home without the Branch Out Earrings, Right Round Ring, and the Evil Eye Bolo Bracelet on. 

Lisa Cosenza


Lisa likes to run with the big dogs. (Literally.) Her Great Dane, Maybelline, weighs in at a cool 145lbs and loves long walks on the beach at sunset. Luckily, so does Lisa. If Lisa isn’t chatting on phone with friends and family she’s out spending time with her kids or sipping coffee on her back deck with her husband planning their next weekend getaway.

Before joining the team at Ella Stein, Lisa was a Regional Manager for one of the fastest growing American-made jewelry companies. She thrives in cohesive team environments, and that's one of the things she loves most about Ella Stein. Finding a company that offers on-trend jewelry combined with a family-like working environment is the perfect combination for this team player.

Personal Motto: "Without passion there is no purpose!"

Fav ES Pieces? Lisa is a superfan of the Meet Me At The Palms Hoop Earrings. She loves to stack a few bracelets on one wrist including the Set The Bar Bracelet and the You Are My Everything Bracelet. She's also completely smitten with the Wishbone Ring.

Veronica Malki


With a goal of seeing all 50 states, this family-focused, multi-lingual mama of two may surprise you as she easily slips in and out of English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish depending on who she's talking to. While she'll never say no to an oatmeal raisin cookie, she may look at you cross-eyed if you don't put things back where they belong. 

Veronica began her career in the jewelry industry in a retail management position before moving into an Operations Project Coordinator role where she focused on Retail Operations and Retail Information Technology. Joining the team at Ella Stein was motivated by her love of the mission - empowering women - and the beauty of the handcrafted jewelry that goes along with it.

Personal Motto: "Don't let the little things break you."

Fav ES Pieces? Veronica loves to pair the Love You&nbsp;Mama Necklace with the Aquarius Zodiac Necklace and often stacks the Sunshine On My Mind Hoop Earrings with the Half Hearted Adventure? Never! Earrings.


Kat Mottram


Happiest when curled up with a book, and longing for the next time she can bust out her charcoal pencils for a messy art session, Kat is generally contemplating the next home repair project with her husband, or figuring out how to get her 3 kids in the 20 directions they need to go that day. Sometimes? She sneaks off to the beach for a nap in the sunshine.

With a background in art and management, Kat has been leading, and working alongside, creative teams for two decades in the health and wellness industries for sustainably-minded companies. Partnering with the dynamic women on the Ella Stein team to build a company that leads with integrity and uplifts women in India is was what beckoned Kat to this eco-friendly brand.

Personal Motto: "This too shall pass." <-- something her grandfather would say when anyone in the family was going through a difficult time. 

Fav ES Pieces? Kat loves the Three Plus Me Necklace, Virgo Zodiac Necklace, and the Certainly Celestial Bracelet which rarely leaves her left wrist.

Alyson Boss


Always ready with jazz hands, a high kick, and a cartwheel, Alyson is often found sweet-talking her two dogs who follow her everywhere or zipping out for a quick shopping spree. If she's not answering her phone, she's probably driving the carpool, tricking her husband into doing something she wants, or learning a new language while noshing on potato chips. 

After college, Alyson spent time teaching health and physical education to middle school kids. After taking some time off from teaching to focus on her family, she dove back into the workforce as a blogger and turned her passion for social media and marketing into a new career path. Alyson was attracted to the positive energy surrounding Ella Stein - the team, the story, and the jewelry - and loves visually communicating it online.

Personal Motto: "Each day is a clean slate."

Fav ES Pieces? The Love You Mama Ring is one of Alyson's favorite pieces to wear and the Evil Eye Bolo Bracelet is a statement piece that rarely leaves her wrist. She loves to layer her Taurus Zodiac Necklace with the Dot-to-Dot Necklace.

Andrea Horta


An hour at the gym alone, rescuing a piece of furniture from a thrift shop to paint a new color, or cuddling up with her three uniquely charismatic cats keeps this super-organized designer purring. If it comes in chartreuse? She owns it. If it has to do with her two boys? She's fiercely proud of it. If it's a sugar cookie? She's going to eat it.

In college, to avoid becoming a starving artist, Andrea chose to focus on graphic design and has never looked back. A freelance graphic designer now for the last 20 years, she was thrilled at the chance to work with the team at Ella Stein because of the story behind the brand, and how in alignment she felt with a company where women empower other women to grow and flourish. 

Personal Motto: "Follow your passion in life. That's where you'll find true happiness." <-- this is something she tells her kids all the time.

Fave ES Piece? Andrea loves to wear the Drop Earrings with casual outfits and when she dresses up. They are her go-to earrings because of their perfect versatility. 

Charushila Narkhede

Product Development Assistant, India

Always ready with a huge smile, this cheerful hardworker loves to use her creativity and imagination to weave poems and stories in her quiet time. Cooking for her family, spending time with her son, and listening to music or motivational speakers occupies her downtime. Her sights are set on traveling to an international jewelry show one day and her love of languages has her planning to learn a few more over her lifetime. 

After beginning in product model photography, Charu now helps to lead the product development team at the Ella Stein Jewelry manufacturing facility in India. She was drawn to Ella Stein because of the close-knit collaboration between everyone on the team that brings the beautiful pieces to fruition. 

Personal Motto: I want to create myself in such a way that whatever I deliver is more than expected. 

Fav ES Pieces? It's hard to choose but some of them are the Oh, That Summer Night Sky! Bracelet, Leaf It All Behind Hoop Earrings, Meet Me At The Palms Large Hoop Earrings and the Seek Adventure Necklace

Sandhya Karve

Accountant, India

With a green thumb that has her dreaming of one day owning a home with a huge garden where she can peacefully farm her days away, Sandhya cherishes reading the newspaper cover-to-cover every chance she gets. Always maneuvering through hectic weekdays, when she gets some down time on the weekends you'll find her tending to her flowerpots, going for a walk in a nature park, or munching on some rusk toast. One day, she plans to travel the entire country of India. 

Before coming to work with the team at Ella Stein, Sandhya was an Audit Assistant for a Chartered Accountant. From there, she spent time as an Accountant for a software company. She is immensely proud to put her love of numbers and attention to detail to work in a company that empowers other women in India through job creation. 

Personal Motto: "Happiness is talking to plants." :) Also, "Do not lie."

Fav ES Pieces? Sandhya feels it's impossible to choose because they are all designed so beautifully!

Jagruti Prabhawalkar

HR Director, India

Beginning her day with yoga and lemon juice, and ending it by spending time with her sweet 3-year-old son, this easy-going lover of poetry has adventure plans that include cruising on the largest ship she can find, visiting Kashmir, and seeing the world from above as she skydives down to the ground. Most weekends though, you'll find her tidying up her house, cooking meals, and spending time with her family. 

Jagruti worked with a life insurance agent before joining the team at Ella Stein. She made the transition to ES because she appreciates the advancement opportunities for women, the hardworking team members, and the leadership expertise of the founder. She relishes that she can put her current skills to work while learning and developing new ones. 

Personal Motto: "Live and let live." 

Fav ES Pieces? Jagruti loves to wear the Seek Adventure Necklace, the Queen Of All Things Necklace, and the I Love You More Necklace solo or stacked with each other, and is a fan of the Flair And Square Climber Earrings and the Rumba With Me Ring.  

Independent Women Artisans


There is a large community of self-employed women in Gujarat, India who hand cut and polish the diamonds Ella Stein buys for the jewelry.

In the small towns of Gujarat, women don't often have the opportunity to earn money of their own. They typically raise the children, maintain the house, and prepare the meals while their husbands toil in the fields.

The women take turns gathering in each other's homes with their children by their sides to share in the responsibility of child care and work.

By polishing and cutting the diamonds, these women make more money than their husbands, helping to lift their families out of poverty, giving them all a better life.

Employed Women Artisans


Three hundred talented female artisans are employed at Ella Stein's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India to handcraft each piece of jewelry we sell.

They often travel many hours to work each day in order to receive fair wages; retirement benefits, six months of maternity leave, and medical insurance for their entire family, including parents and in-laws. 

Their day begins with a 10-minute group meditation, in the afternoon they practice yoga for 30-minutes with the in-house yoga instructor, and in the evening they are driven back to their trains on company-provided buses. Each member of the team also has access to a confidential in-house therapist. 

As our company grows, so will the amount of women we employ.

Adi Choksi


Filled with wanderlust, Adi loves to travel as often as possible and has his sights set on a mountain bike trip to Nepal and a volunteering mission to rescue big cats in Africa. Beginning his day with a workout followed by a quiet mediation and a compelling podcast helps set the right intention for the day. Most evenings and weekends though are reserved for his family, friends, delicious food, and good music.

Adi grew up in his family’s diamond business in a part of India where business is traditionally handed down to male members of the family. When he started manufacturing jewelry himself, he was bothered by the fact that most retailers grossly marked up each piece. After Adi and his wife welcomed twins - and one of them was a girl - he started profoundly thinking about India's cultural norms. Surrounded by strong women his entire life who he admired deeply, he decided to create a brand that would empower his daughter Ella and uplift local women. It was important to him that the business be eco-conscious and that the jewelry's price point be honest. Adi has a goal to expand Ella Stein's impact in the local community even further by supporting women in the local colleges and schools, and continuing to grow the business to employ as many women as possible. 

Personal Motto: Be unique, do not compete.